Saturday 21st March 2020 @ Leeds University 



Dear Instructors, Coaches and Club Captains,

The eagerly awaited annual University Kickboxing Championships 2020 is in 8 weeks time! We hope training is going well and that your students are looking forwards to the competition.

Leeds are entering a 40 plus team again, with the majority being beginner level so I do hope with your co-operation it will be much of an experience for our future wannabes!

This year we have invited representatives of BUCs – they are using the UKC as a potential framework for current proposals of getting Kickboxing accepted as a sport into BUCs.

If you have not already received the following already please ask.

  • Open Invite.

  • Rules for the competition.

Attached to this email is the:

  • Registration spreadsheet.


What is there to do now?

Start selecting your team!!!

Fill in the spreadsheet for fighters. Please be as accurate as possible.

On the spreadsheet you will also need to identify at least one member of your team as a potential corner judge or 10% of your team – which ever is most. So if you have a squad of 30 then you need to provide 3 etc. More on corner judges in Februarys email 😊


So far Universities who have confirmed attendance:




Robert Gordon
















How do we register the Spreadsheet?

  • Fill in the attached spreadsheet fully and accurately as you can. The deadline to submit this spreadsheet and pay will be Sunday 8th March 2020 at 23:59pm.

  • You cannot turn up on the day without pre-registration.

  • The cost per fighter this year is £22. The increase in cost (from £20 - 2019) is due to better trophies and better quality (dri-fit) tshirts.

  • Please add any spectators on your spreadsheets – these are £7 per person

  • Per club – you can have 2 free to enter spectators (usually reserved for Coaches, captains etc.)

***PAYMENT is to be made to a private account by bank transfer, so if you require University funding etc, please be prepared for this***

Also this year we are offering fighters and spectators a chance to buy t-shirts in advance. We order only minimal quantities and spectators especially every year get upset when they don’t have a souvenir. There is room on the spreadsheet for extra spectator t-shirts and these will cost £8 in advance or £10 on the day. ALL fighters get one t-shirt each for entry.


A follow up email with further details including payment account details will be sent out at end of February.

As ever, if any questions or concerns just talk through UKC forum on Facebook or email directly back.

Kind regards and happy training!

FEBRUARY 2020 UPDATE - To follow


A follow up email with further details including payment account details will be sent out at end of February.

As ever, if any questions or concerns just talk through UKC forum on Facebook or email directly back.

Kind regards and happy training!



So what is there to do now?

If ot already done so please read the rules to see if it is a competition that your club can enter. The rules are attached.

If you are interested in entering your club, please email to confirm your interest – you will be part of the main mailing list that way and not lose any important correspondence. This is important as there may be a limit of how many competitors we can have and we would like to allocate a rep to any new Universities entering.

In the meantime please use the Facebook group as a talking forum for any questions of for further information.


How much does the competition cost to enter?

The cost of the competition is as follows:

  • £22 per competitor - advance payment only (details to follow up in January). Every fighter will receive an event t-shirt as part of the costs. All fighters will also get access to the evening fights in the Union.

  • £7 per spectator – access to whole day including entry to night club for Grand Finals.


How are the categories generally divided?

In the ideal category, people will weigh the same and have done Kickboxing sparring for the same amount of time. There are no mixed gender categories regardless.

In previous years, beginner categories have tended to be people who have done Kickboxing sparring for between 6 to 12 months. Intermediates anything between 12 months to 2 and half years and Advanced anything over 3 years. However it will generally depend on what information is received and how many fighters are registered with certain attributes.

Will it be suitable for a complete novice to enter?

Yes. Leeds University Kickboxing Club, holds this event mainly for the benefit for its own students. Every year we have a massive turnaround of new students and every year we have at least 30 to 40 of our own enter at the beginners level. The referees are well experienced and will offer support and advice to all competitors. The referees will also not tolerate hard contact and will not hesitate to stop fights if they feel the competitor is not enjoying themselves or having a bad experience.

What are the facilities like at Leeds University?

Leeds University has recently been awarded the University of the Year due to its student experience and facilities. Recently re-developed, the Edge is a first class venue for all Sports. The Chinese Olympic swimming team and Tae Kwon Do team chose to be based at Leeds University during their preparation for the Olympics. There are changing rooms, cafes, computers with Internet and viewing balcony.


Does everyone fight in the ring?

No. All finalists will fight in the ring in the Union nightclub in a fight night setting with entry music and lights. 

What is required for "other experience" on the entries spreadsheet?

All experience in Martial Arts must be declared. Please refer to rules but as an example we have had people in the past who have declared 6 months experience in Kickboxing but when asked actually had 10 years TKD experience with many different competition entries.


Also please be specific, for example:

4 years Muay Thai, 1 year sparring

If you put down just 4 years Muay Thai, the event organisers could easily be thinking of putting this individual in the advanced category. However if you mention that this individual has only been sparring for 1 year, they may be considered for intermediate category.



We would advise all competitors to join our Facebook group. It will be a source of information and all the relevant documents can be downloaded from there.

Furthermore, 1 week before the competition, all the relevant competitor details will be put on it as its important they make sure their details are correct before they are put in categories. Also it ensures if there are any drastic weight changes these can be corrected.


Type the following link:!/groups/366160826806829/

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