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Update Saturday 10th February 2018

Dear Instructors, Coaches and Club Captains,


There is just under a month till the eagerly awaited annual University Kickboxing Championships. We hope training is going well and that your students are looking forwards to the competition.


Leeds are entering a 40 plus team again, with the majority being beginner level so I do hope with your co-operation it will be much of an experience for our future wannabes!


If you have not already received the following already please ask.

1. Rules for the competition.

2. Registration spreadsheet.

3. Initial invite with further information.

For those who have joined us in past years will already know the format, but let me explain just so there are no surprises, especially for times.


9am to 10:15am – Registration and weigh in

11am to 4pm – Preliminary rounds held in matted areas in Sports Centre

5:30pm to 8:30pm – Grand Finals held within University Campus at Stylus Night Club in a Kickboxing Ring 18 x 18.


*We have started the Grand Finals earlier this year so clubs can get off and travel back earlier. Barring injuries and stoppages, we will be aiming to finish at 8pm. However for Universities turning up in coaches etc, do tell your coaches to expect leaving at 8:30pm latest.

I am sure there are many questions that some of you will want to ask, here are a few of the usual ones. However do email us if you have any further queries. 

How do we register?

Already you have been sent the spreadsheet – fill this in fully and accurately as you can. The deadline to submit this spreadsheet and pay will be Sunday 4th March 2016 at 23:59pm. You cannot turn up on the day without pre-registration.

Please add any spectators on your spreadsheets. Per club one coach and one captain (except if fighting) is free, everyone else is costs £5 (giving access to the entire days events).


How do we pay?

Follow the link attached to the LUU website, and create a guest login (located at the top right hand corner). Once logged in, go to the shop tab. If your University has confirmed attendance there will be a couple options available to you - scroll down the page until you see your university name with the options of fighter registration and spectator ticket. Add the options you want to your basket.

As you proceed to checkout, there will be an option to review your basket, at this point you can change the quantity of tickets you are purchasing to reflect the number of fighters you are entering and the number of spectators you are bringing.


*Once payment has been made, along with your spreadsheet, please send a screenshot of proof of payment.


What are the Categories?

DO NOT KNOW until one week before the competition when categories will be posted on Website A further email and message on the Facebook group will be posted on. There will be around 200 fighters again and changes cannot be made during the day so you have a week to appeal for someone incorrectly categorised.

What are the weights and what if the weights are off on the day?

DO NOT KNOW what weight divisions will be and what the split for each will be until all entries are in. If the fighter is over or under on the day, changes cannot be made. All categories and fights are predetermined. However whichever category the fighter is in, worse case scenario they shouldn’t be facing someone who is more than 10kg above their own weight (although for the heaviest categories this is sometime unavoidable). For a light-continuous competition, weight should not matter too much.


Why can we not enter on the day and why are categories pre-determined?

Entry cannot be made on the day because of the amount of fighters who will be entering. Moving one fighter to another category can affect up to another 30 fights!

Categories and fights are pre-determined so that all Universities have the ultimate enjoyment and experience of fighting other Universities and that ideally same fighters from same Universities avoid each other till later rounds. That said doesn’t always work out that way and you sometimes get fighters fighting each other in first round.

What Facilities are there?

·         6 changing rooms with showers around Sports Centre

·         On-site Starbucks

·         Tesco-Express 30 second walk from Sports Centre

·         On-site parking

·         The evening event is within the Union where there are bars, shops etc..


This year, each fighter will be given an event t-shirt. They are the dri-fit t-shirts which are great for training. Additional t-shirts can be bought by fighters or spectators on the day and they cost £10 – however there will be limited availability and will be first come first serve. 

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